Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to common questions asked about Prime Receivables Management.

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Who is Prime Receivables Management, LLC?

Prime is a purchaser of charged-off accounts receivables. We purchase receivables from direct creditors and other entities that fit our business model.

How do I pay Prime Receivables Management, LLC?

Prime Receivables Management, LLC does not engage in the collection of debt.

We encourage you to contact the law firm or collection agency where your account has been placed.

In the event you are not sure what law firm or collections agency is handling your account, please contact us for information to communicate with the correct party.

Is Prime Receivables Management, LLC a lender?

Prime is a purchaser of receivables not a direct lender.

Why did Prime send my account to another company?

Prime uses collection agencies and law firms to collect outstanding balances.

Prime may also resell your account to another debt purchaser.

We recommend that you contact the third party that is communicating with you.